The Skills in Clothes Matching

Even if there are various kinds of clothes in your wardrobe, but you are still hesitant to choose clothes when you are going to hang out. Therefore the person who is always late is you, despite you prepare early. Why? The reason is that you cannot find suitable clothes, but why cannot you choose suitable clothes quickly? The only reason is that you are not good at matching different kinds of clothes. A famous expert drew a conclusion many years ago that the expression a person gives to others depends on appearance mostly. No matter whether you believe it, that’s the case. There is no other better ways to make others remember you through your clothes, so you can see how important the clothes’ matching is in our life. Today, some vital rules in clothes matching will be given to you for your reference.

First is the color match principle, the appropriate clothes color relies on the color of skin, hair and personal pupil. And there exists a scientific and strict application laws, the primary rule is that the color of the whole body should have clear tone. The main color may occupy a large area, and the same color can appear at different parts. Besides, different shades of color should be mixed together, halftone in between is also needed. The main color should be less than two kinds; while ornament color should be prominent and distinct to make a finishing point.

Using international standard to figure out your suitable color range and confirm your most appropriate dress and coloring law. You should choose career suit, casual clothes according to your age, height, posture, career and living environment, including shoes, hats, scarf, glasses, and jewelry. All of the match should be in line with your whole dress, style and temperament. Some people are inclined to wear everything they like, but irrespective of fitness. For example, a person wears a suit, but matches with polymer clay pendants.

The reason why those people who can leave a profound impression on others is that they create their own style, no matter designers or celebrities. You cannot have a set of aesthetic, but should have your own taste. As long as you grasp this point, you are definitely not controlled by the changeable trend. At the same time, you will be skilled in adding fashionable elements to your own aesthetic value. The match contained your own temperament, decency and style; you can highlight your charm and personality. While highlighting your personality is the highest end of smart dressing.

shopping aesthetic, In the exquisite showcase and shop front, the clothes on the model are designed elaborately by designers for the purpose of creating a special atmosphere and bringing out the charm of clothes. All of the accessories such as crystal pendants are all carefully paired, but they are not necessary to fit for you. A good knowledge of yourself is a basic lesson, knowing your figure, temperament and complexion can enable you not to choose the wrong dress.

What’s more, the clothes match should go with your age and identity; as a result, after you enter into the workplace, the dress up should avoid campus suit. That is the so-called the harmony principle. Dress is a king of art, which can cover some defect of your stature and create a wonderful body shape and personal temperament.

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